Global Spiritual Warfare Conference

is an annual event where Christian men and women are all invited to learn about Angelology, Responsibility as Healers, Spiritual Armor, The battle for the mind, importance of intercession, and The War We Win!
Global Spiritual Warfare Conference - Portfolio-18

What We Cover


Take an in-depth look at who the angels are, and who are enemy is. We investigate Daniel chapter 10, a profound scripture on spiritual warfare, and study the three named Angels in the Bible.

Responsibility As Healers

A unique part of Jesus’ ministry was that he was constantly healing people of physical and mental disease and oppression.

Spiritual Armor

We look at Ephesians 6 and how to armor up for Spiritual Warfare. We also discuss demonic governmental hierarchy on earth and investigate it.

Battle of the Mind

We examine Spiritual Attacks targeting our soul: the mind, will and emotions! Understanding the spiritual attacks that will come against us as we draw closer to Christ.


Become a prayer warrior! In this powerful session we learn what intercession it is, why it’s necessary and where it’s found in the Bible: Hint Hebrews 7:25!

We War, We Win!

We look at current events, and begin to lay out the battle plan for our intentional expression of intercession during the year. fear!